Sphynx and Lykoi Cattery located in the High Desert of Southern California near Victorville.
We are an hour and 20 minutes from Los Angeles and an hour and a half from San Diego. If you are in the Bay area I can meet you in Bakersfield at time of pick up. 

I began my Cattery in 2007. I have had hairy cats for 10 yrs + and I began researching the Sphynx breed in 2005. I bought my first female Sphynx "Pixie" in August of 2007 and my Sphynx Stud "Paximillion" (Big Red Tabby) joined us in September of 2008, they have been a joy to have. They have since been altered to live out their lives as our pets

My family suffers from allergies from my hairy cat and we wanted to have a cat that we could snuggle with and not sneeze and itch. My hairless cats don't make us sneeze or itch and there is no cat hair to clean up : ) (that's the best part). I have  2 Sphynx cats that sleep with us and I have no allergic reactions to them. That does not mean that everyone will not be allergic. If you are allergic to their saliva then you may still be allergic to a Sphynx.
All the info I have researched on Sphynx has been true. The Cats are energetic, cuddly and fascinating. They are more like a cross between a dog and a monkey then a cat and they love and need lots of attention.

My Sphynx cats are either CFA and TICA registered .
My Cattery name is registered with CFA and TICA 

Breeding Sphynx adults have been screened for the following :
HCM Tested 
* FIV \ Felv negative
* Yearly fecal's and deworming 
* Full examinations of eyes, heart, abdomens, etc. 
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Sphynx are great with kids - even little ones
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My cat Jax is the Sphynx in this video
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