1. Paypal - with a 4% charge on the amount for the fee paypal charges...ex - $500.00 + 4% = $20.00. So your Paypal deposit will be $520.00
(unless you "gift" it then there is no % charged)

2. Venmo with no fee

3. I can now accept credit cards over the phone or run it in person... You can text or email me the credit card info also. 3.8% credit card fee added to your deposit.


Payments can be made on a monthly basis until your kitten is picked up/ dropped off (after $500.00 deposit paid)

Any amounts not paid will be collected at the time of pick up / drop off of your kitten (cash only at this point)

Payments can be :

1. Paypal - with a 4% charge on the amount for the fee paypal charges...ex - $100.00 payment + 4% = $4.00 (up until a week prior to pick up)

2. Venmo with no fee

3. Credit card can be accepted over the phone with an email or text receipt - 3.8% fee for all credit card transactions - this is added to your transaction

Double Bareenough Sphynx, LLC Cat/Kitten Sales Agreement 
Original signatures in all red areas please 

1.Color: ______________ ____Birth Date: _______________Price: _$1800.00_

2.Non-refundable Deposit. $500.00 (paid by__________________) for each kitten. That amount will go towards the total agreed upon price of the kitten/cat

3.Second deposit due when kitten is 6 wks old of $300.00 (paid by__________________) . That amount will go towards the remaining balance of your kitten/cat.

4.Balance Due _$1000.00__ at pick up in cash or 10 days prior if paying by paypal (4% fee), Venmo or credit card ($18/per each $500) 
  Purchaser- __________________ _____Seller- Jayne Harrower
  Print Name
Pet –Yes Breeding rights- No
Kitten will be spayed/neutered/ yes - Date_____TBA____________

Purchaser Agrees to the following rules of Bareenough Sphynx Cat/Kittens:

1.This purchase agreement is a legally binding contract for the sale of one kitten / cat as fully described above between BareenoughSphynx Cattery (the SELLER) and ______________________________ (the BUYER) and entered into on this ______________day of _______________, 2018.
2.Buyer agrees that this kitten was purchased as pet quality and may be shown in cat shows if desired. 
Initial here_________

3.Cat/kitten must be seen by your vet within 72 hours of purchase. ______ Initial

4.Primary Warranty of Health
Kittens do not leave with any medical Insurance from me. Any medical care is at the BUYERS expense ______Initial

5.The SELLER provides a 72-hour limited guarantee that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of purchase. The SELLER also warranties that the kitten is free of the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) at the time of purchase. In order to validate the warranty, the BUYER must take the kitten/cat to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the date of pick up, excluding holidays and weekends, for a health examination. This examination shall be at the BUYERS expense. If, in the opinion of the veterinarian, the kitten/cat is suffering from any genetic condition, the BUYER must notify the SELLER immediately. Under no circumstance is the SELLER responsible for any Veterinary charges. The kitten/cat may be returned to the SELLER immediately and exchanged for a comparable kitten/cat as soon as one becomes available or from the next litter. Note to BUYER - Keep in mind that most veterinarians have never even seen a Sphynx cat, much less treated one and are uneducated about our breed. If the veterinarian finds the kitten/cat to have a life-threatening illness, he must write and sign a short note on his letterhead stationary explaining his findings. This guarantee will be void if the kitten/cat is exposed to any other animal between delivery to the BUYER and the examination. Note to BUYER - It is highly recommended that the above kitten/cat be quarantined during that 72-hour warranty period. Finally, under NO circumstances is the kitten/cat allowed to be destroyed prior to notification of the SELLER, regardless of the kitten's / cat's medical condition or injuries.

6.The Purchaser promises to maintain a preventative vaccination schedule, and keep the cat in good health.  
This cat/kitten is not to be destroyed for any reason. Shot record will be included at pick up
Seller is not responsible for incurred vet bills. __________ Initial

Seller will guarantee 1 year on genetic illness/HCM resulting in death. The SELLER will replace kitten/cat as soon as one becomes available or from the next litter at no cost to BUYER- Except for shipping if applicable (Seller does not pay for shipping). The SELLER must receive proof of the defect in the form of a complete autopsy report completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the BUYERS expense. The SELLER will make every attempt to replace the kitten/cat with a kitten/cat of equal or better color, marking, and quality in a timely manner. BAREENOUGH Sphynx breeders are scanned for HCM, however, HCM can show up at any age. The Sphynx breed is known to have heart issues and you must be aware and agree to the special needs of this unique breed. No cash refunds are given ______Initial

8.Heterochromatic (Odd Eyes)
Odd eye kittens are not sold at kitten prices. Odd eyed kittens are $2800.00. I usually cannot tell if a kitten is odd eyed until it is 5-6 wks of age. If your kitten turns out to be heterochromatic then I will contact you right away and you have a few options: You may purchase the kitten at the “odd eye” price or receive your deposit back so you can find another kitten elsewhere or be able to pick first from my next litter (you do not receive your deposit back) or pick from what I have available. This is a risk you take when you reserve a kitten at a very young age. Heterochromatic kittens are rare.

9.Post sale treatment
If the BUYER chooses to vaccinate the kitten/cat for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), ringworm, feline leukemia virus (FeLV), or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), all warranties of health are void. Also, SELLER will not warranty the kitten/cat against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations or surgeries.

Under no circumstance can a Bareenough cat/kitten be de-clawed. De-clawing is an inhumane mutilation. It consists of amputation of the first knuckle. It is comparable to the removal of a human fingertip at the first knuckle. Doing so will constitute breach of this contract on the part of the BUYER.

11.Inside cat/ kitten only
This cat/kitten is to be an indoor cat only due to lack of hair Sphynx can freeze or sunburn very quickly. Under no circumstance is this cat/kitten to be given to the pound/ animal shelter or sold /given away to any pet stores or animal research facilities.

I DO NOT SHIP Sphynx CATS/KITTENS IN CARGO / you may fly out to my local airport in Ontario, California and I will deliver your kitten/cat to Ontario, CA airport to meet you. This way your kitten/cat fly’s in the passenger area of the plane with you.
We prefer that you come in person to pick up your cat/ kitten. You can also use a courier service. When possible, we deliver to an agreed location at a reasonable distance from the SELLER'S place of business. If a party other then the SELLER must transport the kitten/cat, such transportation will be at the discretion and the cost of the BUYER. The SELLER is not responsible for illness, injury or death caused by or during shipping. Further, due to possible exposure to other animals beyond the SELLERS control, the quarantine requirement clause (Primary Warranty of Health), will be assumed violated.

13.Other information
This cat/kitten is to be given water and plenty of good quality grain free dry food freely. Raw diets are also a good choice. Do not give too much can food because this can cause diarrhea. Sphynx have a higher metabolism then the normal cat. They do need to eat more; this is to keep their body temperature up. Canned food can be given but not as their main source of nutrition.
This cat/kitten shall not be caged.

14.Degree of hairlessness
It is understood that degree of hairlessness in Sphynx vary from cat to cat and that no Sphynx is completely hairless. It is understood that hormones, climate, and genetics play an important role in hairlessness and that even though a Sphynx kitten may be completely or almost hairless when sold, it is possible that said kitten could develop some hair after being neutered / spayed or as it grows older. It is also impossible to guarantee that any Sphynx kitten/cat will not grow some hair at some point in the future. 

The purchaser agrees to the following:
1.Bareenough Sphynx requires a $500.00 per kitten/cat non-refundable deposit to reserve kitten/cat.
 This deposit will go towards the total agreed upon price of $1800.00.
2.Then the second deposit due when kitten is 6 wks old of $300.00. This amount will go towards the remaining balance of your kitten/cat
3.Balance Due _$1000.00__ at pick up in cash or 10 days prior if paying by paypal, Venmo or credit card.

4.I accept credit cards ($18.00 fee for each $500.00), PayPal (add 4% paypal fee) - Look at the payment options on bareenoughsphynx.com.
Once your payment has cleared, I will hold your kitten for you. Please email me before making a deposit to confirm the kitten is available. ______________Initial

5.Buyer and Seller agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of California and may not be altered, modified or rescinded unless agreed to in writing by Buyer and Seller.

6.The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this Agreement as of this ___ day of _______ 2018.


Buyer ____________________________________________________________ 

7.Sphynx illness
Sphynx cats are known to get occasional URI (Cold) Especially if the kitten has been shipped or has a long car ride home due to stress. If concerned ask your vet for Clavamox drops as a preventative or in case of illness. Give for 7-10 days.

Buyer agrees to contact this breeder if re-homing is ever necessary for this kitten/cat. I would rather take the kitten/cat back, then have it end up in a shelter which is a breech of this contract. If Bareenough Sphynx is given the kitten/cat back for re-homing then there will be no refunds given to the buyer. _________ initial 

9.Pick up
Cat/kitten must be picked up at the agreed date. If you extend that pick up date, then a $10.00 a day boarding fee will be charged to your balance for each day not picked up. If I extend that pick up time due to spay/neuter/ illness then there is no charge to you. I will not let your kitten leave if I feel they are not in good health or spayed/neutered. _________ initial

10.This contract is legally binding to both seller and purchaser and is nontransferable to any other party.
There are no other conditions, either verbally stated or implied. Purchaser’s signature indicates full agreement with clauses laid down in this agreement. Any legal action, which may arise under the terms of this contract, will be brought in San Bernardino County, California. Breach of contract penalty is $500.00 per item. Buyer shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney's fees associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties. 

I reserve the right to refuse any sales of Bareenough Sphynx kittens/cats for any reason I feel necessary and at that time I will refund your deposit.

In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he\she has read, fully understands, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the above sale. 
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we each have signed this agreement this ___day of _____, 2018. 

Seller: Jayne Harrower
Address: P.O. Box 293571
City: Phelan, CA
Zip: 92329
Phone: 760-217-0445

Seller Signature: Jayne Harrower___________________________________

Buyer Signature:_______________________________________________


City, State:____________________________________________________

Phone# _______________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________


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