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This page was last updated: August 28, 2017

This is Dare2b-bare handsome Jax of Barenough.He is my previous stud.  Jax won 2nd best all breed cat at one of his TICA shows and he was in a music video (below).He is STUNNING!! 
Jax was used in a music video in Los Angeles, Calif. Here he is being green screened. The final video is below : ) ENJOY
Green screen work in Los Angeles for the "Cool Cats" music video
His name is Evrik and he is from Russia. Both his parents have Championship status. Evrik's parents HCM scans were negative in 2016 and Evrik's November 2016 HCM scan was negative.

This is Levy - He is one of my studs. I'm hoping to breed him to my black girls to produce all blue and black kittens. Hopefully in the May/June 2017 litters :)
Levy scanned negative for HCM in November 2016