Get on the litter notification list for Lykoi by emailing me at and I will add you. Also go to my "Lykoi California" Facebook page and/or "Barenoughsphynx" Instagram and watch for updates on upcoming litters. I will have new litters the summer of 2018
Lykoi will be $1600.-$1900.00 depending on color. Black roan is show quality therefore they will be more. All Lykoi will leave spyed/neutered, microchipped and TICA registration paid. They will be up to date on their shots, VET health checked and they will come with a sample of the current food they are on, organic Lykoi shampoo for their special skin needs, toys and a plush blanket..

(This info and more can be found at and is written by the Gobbles)

1. The Lykoi was established in TICA cat registry in 2011.

2. The Lykoi breed was started in Tennessee by Dr. & Mrs. Gobble.

3. The Lykoi can be shown in TICA now with Championship qualifications as of September 2016.

4. All foundation Lykoi were tested by the Gobble's for sample testing, echo-cardiograms (to check heart health), DNA testing, Thyroid testing, infectious disease testing, blood type testing, and organ panel testing.  


5. Lykoi are not hypoallergenic.

6. They do shed (quite a bit), and can even go bald from time to time. Coat varies in thickness/hairlessness based on the individual cat and the climate in which the cat lives.

7. We are always on the look out for other Lykoi that pop up in the feral cat population to learn more about the breed, and whenever possible to obtain these new lines to broaden the gene pool

8. Most of the Lykoi that have popped up have been feral, strays, or in shelters. Most of the domestic cats used were also either strays, or even cats set to be euthanized simply because they were available as adults at a time when too many adorable kittens were also available (and we were able to get these kitties with the agreement we would do full health testing, have one or two litters, and then spay/neuter and place them in loving pet homes). The Lykoi breed is based on SECOND CHANCES! These cats are incredible, healthy and so unique. We didn't "create" them, but we are very happy that they are being given a chance to show how wonderful they truly are...not something that should have ever been tossed aside simply for being "different". 

Waitlist Information

There is no charge to be on our waitlist! When you join our list please be sure that the entire family is ready to adopt, and that you are prepared for the adoption fee. Our waiting list is only for families looking to adopt the black partially coated Lykoi. To get on the waitlist email me at :

Kitten Adoption Fees

Black Roan- $2000

Black Tuxedo- $1800

Blue- $1800 

Adoption fees include-

TICA registration papers, Spay/Neuter, Microchip, vaccinations, and Health Guarantee/Contract. All kittens are altered prior to exceptions! When our babies go home they are ready to play, play, play!

We do offer shipping. The cost is $350 within the USA and is weather dependent.!vQSpr

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This is Nero. He is one of my studs
Channing was the result of my F1 to F1 breeding. Now he has bred with a DSH to make F1's and one of those girls will breed with Nero (who is unrelated) to make Lykoi kittens. This should happen in 2017. Channing is a beautiful Lykoi with the sweetest personality! In 2017 he should be ready to breed to an unrelated Lykoi female and make 100% Lykoi kittens