​This is Sugar. She is a blue eyed white beauty and is one of possibly 3 in the World (Blue eyed white). She was born Valentines Day 2021 and will be breeding in 2022.
This is Wandering Dapples (Dapper). She is a black torti (pictured below as a kitten). She just had her first litter 9/2/21. She has been an amazing loving Mama.
This little Black Torti and roan Lykoi beauty will be a future breeder and is from my Natural Mutation Idaho Line
This beauty is Pierre, He is a Lynx Point Lykoi. One of maybe 2 in the World. He has the most beautiful blue eyes.  
This is Rory. He is a Natural Mutation found in Idaho. He is a Red Tabby and Roan Lykoi
This is Whiskey. He is a Chocolate roan Lykoi and will be a future breeder. This color is VERY rare. Right now Whiskey is the only Chocolate breeding Lykoi in the World:)
Lykoi Moms
Lykoi Dads
This black roan beauty was born here at Bareenough and will be breeding in 2022. She has lots of roaning a beautiful coat.
This long haired chocolate Lykoi is the only one of her kind in the World. She will be breeding this year since she has turned a year old. Can' wait to see what she produces 
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