We out-cross to expand the gene pool in the breeding program. Sphynx outcross produce some furred and some hairless.

 Lykoi out-cross produce some molting standard Lykoi and some non-molting furred Lykoi. INTACT LYKOI ARE NEVER SOLD.

Out-crosses on this page will be furred kittens. These kittens are $200.00 spayed and neutered.

Intact Sphynx furred out-cross kittens, for an established breeding program, will be $1000.00 intact.

Out-crosses cost less but still have the same personality. Out-crosses will be spayed and neutered. Some SPHYNX Out-cross can be purchased for breeding intact at a breeding price. 

ALL outcrosses are furred.

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Available out-crosses

All Lykoi out-cross kittens have been reserved- I will have a few more in February and I will post them to this site, and on my Lykoi California facebook page. 

These are non molting lykoi. They will stay furred. All Lykoi will be spayed and neutered before leaving. These outcross kittens are $200.00-$400.00 each depending on their color.
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