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 "Cruella" She is black and white
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All Breeders will be DNA tested this year through Optimal Selction DNA testing. This will show any genetic disorders the cat carries, colors the cat can produce and blood type. 
Available Sphynx will be posted on the "Sphynx kittens" page and on my facebook page "BareEnoughSphynx"
We have not had very many sphynx kittens this year. We will be working on outcrossing this year. Below are F3 furred Sphynx that will have some hairless Sphynx kittens in their litters. Outcrossing is done to expand the gene pool and add  health and vigor in the lines. Furred sphynx from these lines will be posted on the "Out-cross kittens for sale" Page.
"Kitty" is a seal point
These are my Sphynx breeding Moms . Available kittens will be posted on the Sphynx kittens page and on my facebook page for BareEnoughSphynx
Kitty is due Dec 10 2020
I can no longer accept applications for my Sphynx kittens. I received over 700 applications in a very short time. I will not have that many kittens in my lifetime. If you are lucky enough to see them on my website or Facebook page then you will be able to get one on my kittens. 
Brooke is a Calico F2 Sphynx
Deedee is a red and white tabby F3 Sphynx
 is a Torbie F3 Sphynx