Red Tabby Male with Green eyes
SOLD TO Nicholas Cage
SOLD to Kelly and Jacoby Shaddix lead singer for Papa Roach
ALL Sphynx Kittens are $1,900.00  except Odd eyed kittens (yes you can probably find kittens cheaper but look at what they come with/have done prior to going home. Are the parents tested, are the kittens healthy, up to CFA/TICA standards or anything else listed below :)

Odd eye kittens are $3,000.00 (one eye blue one eye green or gold)

The price includes $500.00 deposit, spay / neuter, up to date on shotsFIV/Felv neg parents, Micro-chipped, Vet Health check, de-worming, Trupanion pet insurance option, TICA or CFA registration papers, shot record, take home pack , and 12-14 weeks of care of your new baby. Kittens leave litter box trained and socialized with dogs, other cats and children.
Take home pack includes: Re-usable Bareenough Sphynx Cattery bag, copy of signed contract, shot record, micro-chip registration card,  kitten food samples and the current canned food they are on.  Organic Sphynx soaps by ", toys, plush blanket. 
Cream Point female sold to Julie Cialini
This is Wyatt Grassi-Hoying, one of my solid blue Sphynx. He was sold to Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying from the A cappella group called Pentatonix
Odd eyed White female sold to Kim Hefner
Tammy Sherer is an Angel Therapy Pratitioner and Medium certified under Dr. Doreen Virtue, PhD. Tammy has offered intuitive guidance to others by communicating with angel's, guardian angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones--- human and animal-- and connecting to higher selves (the part of us connected to God) to provide words of wisdom to heal and enrich lives.

Integrated Energy Practitioner
Goddess certification
Facilitator for Intuitive Life Coaching, Christie Marie Sheldon
Blue eyed white female sold to 
Tammy Sherer
This little girl is sold to Athena Lee. She is a very talented Drummer
/actress and absolutely adored this little gem.
Below are a few of my VIP's - There are many many more I still need to add !!
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       I am working on DNA testing all my Sphynx breeders through Optimal Selection DNA testing this year. Your kitten will have those results on both his/her parents by the time you pick up your kitten. If there are any genetic disorders that run in his/her family then you will know prior to taking your kitten home.                              Unfortunately there is no DNA genetic testing for HCM in Sphynx. Therefore I cannot guarantee against HCM. I        do have a 1 year HCM guarantee in the contract. 

      HCM screening the breeders and having negative results still does not guarantee against your kitten getting               HCM... It is just an unfortunate issue in Sphynx cats. In my 12 years of breeding Sphynx I have had 3 kittens die         from HCM as adults. The parents of those kittens were spayed/neutered. Those parents scanned negative for           HCM and to this day still are negative for HCM. HCM can develop from illness in your kitten and not just                     genetics. If your cat gets ill and becomes anemic it can damage the heart muscles and develop HCM... Staying         up on yor cats health is very important.