Kittens will not leave before twelve - fourteen weeks of age there are NO EXCEPTIONS

I Do Not Sell Breeders. All Kittens are Spayed/Neutered before they Leave the Cattery.

We will place our cats only with people who agree not to declaw Bareenough Sphynx kittens, and will only keep the cats indoors and never cage them.
I do not want to ship Kittens, I prefer to have them picked up. I can meet you partway if your located within a reasonable distance or you can fly into Ontario, Calif Airport and I will meet you there.
Kittens will go home with:
*Kitten food sample
*Copy of signed contract
*Micro-chip info
* Vaccination Records
* kitten toy
*organic shampoo/soap
Care and MaintenanceTheir maintenance is rather unlike other cats. Sphynx sweat, their skin secretes oils to nourish the non-existent coat, so they need occasional bathing. Bathing is not a problem-most Sphynx cats don't mind it and they dry quickly. As long as they are fed well and the air temperature is comfortable for you, Sphynx cats are not cold. But they like warmth and are smart enough to find it on your lap or under a blanket. My Sphynx have no problem letting me put on a sweater to keep them warm.
This page was last updated: September 19, 2017
Claws & Paws
Sphynx cats will get dirt between their pads and in the pockets of their claws. They can be cleaned out with a warm wash cloth, baby wipe or alcohol wipe. The cleaning of their paws will need to be done more often and in conjunction with their bath time. Their nails front and back will need to be trimmed every 14 days. In most cats you can see the vein line inside the claw and you must be very careful not to clip on or beyond it. Begin by clipping off just the very tip of the nail until you are confident on how to trim the nails. Never Declaw your cat. Please see the "Anti-Amputation" page. 
Soft Paws are recommended to control unwanted scratching.

Sphynx Ears
Sphynx ears are hairless and produce a large amount of earwax. They will need cleaning every 14 days. You can purchase a good ear wash from your vet. Use a baby wipe or alcohol wipe to clean the exposed portion of the ear. You may use a QTip for hard to reach areas... but don't go too deep.

The baby teeth of your Sphynx Kitten will normally be stained brown. This is caused by the oils on the mothers skin while kitten is nursing. The brown staining is not from antibiotic use. When the kitten's baby teeth fall out around 4 months of age... their adult teeth normally come in pearly white.​

HCM in Cats
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease. It is in ALL breeds of Cats, Dogs, and even Humans. Sadly there is no cure for HCM.
Sometimes it is genetic and sometimes it is not. Some viruses can cause it.. or it can be passed down from a parent who is a carrier. There is no way to determine how a cat developed the heart disease once they have been diagnosed as HCM positive. There are very few physical signs of heart disease until it progresses to a life threatening stage. It is recommended to be proactive and scan your adult cat by a board certified cardiologist. If HCM is discovered proper medication can prolong your cats life. There is no such thing as an HCM free Cattery. If you research pedigrees, and go back far enough, you will find relatives in all lines worldwide that are HCM positive. Responsible Sphynx Breeders Scan their Breeding Cats to lower the odds of producing kittens that can develop heart disease. We love our cats and do everything possible to protect them.

Cleopatra "Cleo"